What comes to m…


What comes to mind when you hear the word local?

How would you define “local” in your hometown?


Local Knowledge & Wisdom:

How does one gain local knowledge?

How is local knowledge different from what is conventionally defined as “Knowledge”?

Who gets to define or be local?


Local Identity:

What characterizes local identity?

How is local identity different from regional, ethnic, or national identity?




Close Reading:
How does Lee Cataluna in “Folks You Meet In Longs” depict people and their situations?


Point to specific details in poems:
Through what literary techniques, imagery, and symbolism does she construct a specific local identity?

What are some of the issues that arise? How might these issues be connected to history of colonization and process of modernization?


Local Vernacular:
What histories and meanings does pidgin embody?
What are some other U.S. local vernaculars you can think of that are specific the history of a particular place?


Local Space:
What does Longs symbolize?
What kind of a space is Longs?